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AYL COVID-19 Return to Play (RTP) Guidelines and Protocols - August 2020

Guided by CDC, State of CT, and US Lacrosse COVID-19 Guidelines and Protocols




  1. All AYL Coaches and players MUST PERFORM a self-screening for COVID-19 symptoms.  If any of the below are present, DO NOT attend any athletic events:

    1. Fever

    2. Chills (or repeated shaking with chills)

    3. Muscle Pain

    4. Headache

    5. Sore Throat

    6. New loss of taste or smell

*This list is not inclusive of all possible symptoms. Other less common symptoms have been reported, including gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/schools-childcare/youthsports.html


  1. Coach and Player Responsibilities

**Practices will be held at the discretion of each coach.  If you do wish to hold practices, adhere to the following protocols:

    1. Small-group breakouts, no large huddles or gatherings (pairs is preferable).

    2. Maintain proper social distancing (6 feet apart at all times).

    3. Arrive dressed and ready to practice.

    4. Do not share equipment, water, etc.

    5. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and equipment (including balls, mouthguards, sticks, water bottles, helmets, eyewear, pads, uniform).

    6. Avoid handshakes, high-fives, fist bumps, or skin-to-skin contact of any kind.

    7. All coaches are required to wear masks when unable to easily, continuously, and measurably keep 6 feet of physical distance from others.

    8. Athletes are encouraged to wear face coverings when not engaged in active play. While engaged in the active play of sports or strenuous activities, athletes do not need to wear a face covering. However, athletes shall wear face masks at all other times.

    9. Players or coaches with any COVID-19 symptoms must be at least 14 days post positive test, with a minimum of 72 hours symptoms free and negative repeat COVID-19 test in order to return. Individuals require clearance from a licensed medical professional before return to play will be granted. 


  1. Parent Responsibilities:

    1. All parents/players will be provided with specific instructions for drop off and pick up based on the location of the practice field.

    2. Parents will drop off players no more than 5-10 minutes prior to the designated practice time.  Parents must pick up players immediately at the end of practice and exit the fields/facility.

    3. Parents will not be allowed on the fields to ensure the safety of our players and staff.  If parents remain at the fields/facility, they should consider staying in their individual vehicle to avoid group gatherings.  Social distancing guidelines must be followed, 6 feet apart or mask/face covering must be worn.  

    4. Practice times (for multiple teams using the same fields) will be staggered to allow for social distancing. Players are encouraged to wear a mask to and from the field if social distance protocol can’t be followed.

    5. Visible signage may be used to assist with drop-off and pick-up and to ensure social distancing guidelines are met.

    6. Cooperate with needs/asks of coaches/organizers at all times.

  2. The Rationale for a Mask

**The above guidelines and protocols are adopted from the CT Reopens Sector Rules (issued by Gov. Ned Lamont on June 6, 2020, effective June 17, 2020)