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Date _________ Avon Boys Location ______________ Officials 1.________________2._______________
Score Keeper Instructions
Game Day Information
Fill in date, location and team names.
Home and Visitors Score
Enter player number under # and a mark in the period in which the goal was scored. At the end of the game total all goals for all periods and enter that number next to the team name as the final score.
Enter the period in which the penalty occurred under Per, the players number under #, the penalty under offense and the length of the penalty under Min.
Use hash marks to count goalie saves, shots, face off wins and ground balls
Each team has two non-consecutive timeouts per half and one per OT period. Record the game time and period when the timeout is called.
Officials & Coaches Names
Record the names of the officials and coaches by printing their names in the appropriate area.
Home _______________ Final Score  ______
# 1 2 3 4 OT
Goalie saves:___
Shots on goal:___
Per # Offense Min
 Face off wins:___
Ground balls:____
Coach_________________   Timeouts
    First Half              Second Half          1st OT      2nd OT
Visitor________________ Final Score ____
# 1 2 3 4 OT
Goalie Saves:____
Shots on goal:____
Per # Offense Min
Face off wins:____
Ground balls:_____
Coach_________________   Timeouts
    First Half              Second Half          1st OT      2nd OT