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AYL Coaches Check list
Pre Season:
Read new rules and updates from the CVYL (located on the AYL Website Document page or visit cvly.org)  
Go to CVYL Scheduling meeting at the end February:
·         Make sure you are assigned the correct CVYL team color for scheduling within your division. (Know who you want to play before you go… in your division and out)
·         Bring your contact information to hand out to other leagues for changes after meeting!
·         It is helpful to bring a second person for help to schedule nonleague games!
·         Input home games and coaches contact information into the CVYL website
              (cvyl.org) Check with Chris Stephan for Avon password
Starting season:
·         Communicate practice schedule with parents using the AYL website. Keep parents as informed as possible.
·         Assign Team parent/manager (go over the responsibilities with your team manager and what you as head coach and your assistants will be responsible for –please reference “coaches corner tab” on the website for a list of team responsibilities and team book information.
·         Make sure you or your manager is confirming games and referee’s
·         Pick up/ bring back team bags at Sartorius Sports
·         Make sure parents fill out consent to treat forms and have players sign code of conduct (keep in team binder) -also on the document page of the Website.
·         Concussion notification forms, if a suspected head injury occurs- fill out the form and give it to the parents. USA Lacrosse incident report forms are also on the Document page of the AYL Website. If a player is hospitalized and needs USA Lacrosse membership insurance this form needs to be filled out.
·          AYL Score sheets are provided with instructions for your/parent use on the coach’s corner page.
·         Team photos will take place at the Falcon Fest Tournament on Sunday, May 20th
·         Website questions: email Marc Vendetti m_vendetti@live.com
·         Post scores on CVYL website after each game!
Contact information:
Developmental coordinator: Scott Miller coachscottmiller@gmail.com (girls); Adam Cost adam_cost@yahoo.com (boys) 
Bantam coordinator: Greg Eckerlin mmiconstruction@yahoo.com
Junior Coordinator:  Troy Shipley shipleytroy@hotmail.com
Senior Coordinator: Chris Stephan chris.stephan@snet.net

VP Girls: Open

VP Boys: Chris Stephan chris.stephan@snet.net