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AYL Lacrosse Team Parent Responsibilities

·         Confirming games/refs

          Organizing half-time snacks and jamboree food

·         Paying refs (organized envelopes are available at Sartorious)

·         Pictures (if applicable, necessary for girls)

·         Handing out uniforms and trying to get all the sizes right as best we can

·         Recording jersey numbers for the roster once we have the jerseys

          Making sure all forms are completed (code of conduct, head injury and consent to treat) and in        
          the coach binder

·         Sizing and ordering sweatshirt of AYL item that is given away during season (girls)

·         Update team’s Web page (add roster and schedule)

·         Contacting team if there is a last minute change

·         Planning the end of the season party

Questions: Matt Woods (VP Boys) mattbwoods@aol.com; Gene Duarte (VP Girls) eugeneduarte@sbcglobal.net

Questions about the website: email